Warframe sees over 100K players link accounts cross-platform, Soulframe expands testing


Expect to hear from Warframe developer Digital Extremes more in 2024 thanks to a new weekly YouTube series called DevShorts that aims to bring the latest and most essential news about its sci-fi MMO as well as the upcoming Soulframe.

Digital Extremes said that cross-platform saves have been immensely popular, with over 100,000 players taking advantage of the first iteration of this. Another batch should come soon. Warframe players should expect to get a Prime variant of the Warframe Gauss on January 17th with a premier look and new tech weapons.

Soulframe testing continues to go forward, and all the studio said about this right now is that more players should get invited to the currently limited pool as time goes on.

The studio also announced that this year’s TennoCon 2024 is coming to London, Ontario, in Canada on July 19th and 20th.

Source: YouTube
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