Player creates EverQuest missions in Neverwinter’s foundry

MMO player and blogger Tipa (of West Karana) decided that she wanted to marry her long-running interest inĀ EverQuest to her current online adventures in Neverwinter. Thus, she began what she called the “EverQuest in Neverwinter” campaign: a series of foundry quests that revolve around classic EQ lands and continue stories from that game.

Last year she released a few EQ-themed quests using the foundry editor, including Crushbone’s Revenge and Tempest in a Freepot. Tipa is currently working on a module called Newfallen that takes inspiration from EverQuest’s Plight of the Undead trial.

Fortunately, she says that quests such as Crushbone’s Revenge are accessible to even the most ignorant of Norrath: “While this story takes place in and around EverQuest locations, no knowledge of EQ is necessary (though background information is optionally provided).”

[Source: Neverwinter forums, West Karana]
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