Elite: Dangerous makes it easier for friends to find you

Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous pilots who feel frustrated that hooking up with friends in deep space might be relieved to know that the team is preparing a nifty feature for Update 1.2 that will help in this regard.

In a forum dev post, Executive Producer Michael Brookes discusses¬†wing beacons that can be activated to clearly show your location to any wing members in a solar system: “Your wing will be able to see the signal — regardless of distance — as long as they are in super cruise in the system; they can use it just like a wake and drop down to your location.”

Other changes coming with the next patch include the ability to transmit open broadcasts, a balance pass on repair costs, a debug camera that allows players to see their ship, and a jury-rig feature that will allow broken ships to cannibalize healthy modules to fix busted ones.

[Source: Official forums. Thanks to Cotic for the tip!]
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