Here are the progression servers up for vote in EverQuest


Classic EverQuest’s dev team casually announced last week that it has plans for new progression servers, signalling that at least Daybreak isn’t planning on maintenance-moding the old game. Now, Holly “Windstalker” Longdale┬áhas updated players on the plan and urged them to log into the game to vote on the server’s style.

Progression servers generally pace out expansions and content to keep the server in time with the original level caps and progression of the game. Here’s what’s up for vote:

Existing stat rules: Players vote for expansion unlocks according to a set timer.

Slower progression: Like the existing rules, only the timers are longer.

Locked progression: Like the existing rules, but the devs can step in and change the unlock rates too.

Seasonal challenge: Like locked progression, only the servers are reset every season and top players collect rewards.

You can lodge your vote by logging into the game.

[Source: Forums]
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