HEX is finally getting dungeon PvE

[AL:HEX]When Cryptozoic’s MMOTCG HEX went to Kickstarter almost two years ago, it promised that it would combine its TCG sensibilities with “the amazing community and storytelling aspects of a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game” and the group dungeons and raids that MMO players would expect. This week, we’ll finally see the first iteration of that go public in the form of the Frost Ring arena, which will be available to the non-tester public tomorrow. Says the studio,

The arena is a four-stage gauntlet where you are pitted against the computer with a line-up of over 30 different opponents and 7 different bosses to battle again and again. You will earn gold, equipment, and exclusive PVE reward cards that you can use to upgrade your decks. Or head to the auction house to buy and sell your new gear. With nearly 200 unique rewards to collect and a variety of opponent strategies, passive skills, and champion equipment, each campaign through the arena will be different and require unique tactics!

Cryptozoic ran a large stress test tournament over the weekend, which went well enough that it’s planning more, beginning with the Sapphire Cup tourney on March 14 and 15th.

[Source: Official site. Thanks, Dylan!]
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