The Secret World fans prepare ‘investigation RP event’


The Secret World has always had a vibrant roleplaying community, and now these players are creating the next big event for the game. A group of roleplayers are planning for a large-scale “investigation RP event” for April 18th called The Visible Dark and are inviting any and all to participate.

According to the description, “The Visible Dark is a full in-character RP event. You’ll need to solve all the dark secrets behind the number of mysterious murders and reveal some gruesome conspiracies within and between the secret societies. You’ll need to use all you’ve got and more to get to the end of the bloody thread stretching from dark dungeons, candlelit halls of London, cold concrete of New York sewers and rainy streets of Seoul.”

If you’re interested, check out the rules and directions that the event team has posted.

As for the official team, it’s been posting teaser images of the next issue’s cover art, so perhaps we’re on the verge of the big content release!

[Source: TSW forums. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!]
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