Blizzard and Netease partner for a Chinese release of Overwatch

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You are probably not terribly worried about whether or not Overwatch is going to get a Chinese release for the same reason that most Chinese gamers are nor terribly worried about whether or not their new games will get US releases when those games aren’t actually launched. Sure, it’d be nice, but it’s not super-relevant while you wait for an actual release date. Still, if you were worried about it, you can be rest assure that it is happening at some point, as Blizzard and Netease announced a partnership to bring the game to China.

The deal doesn’t hint at any sort of release timeframe, but it does seem to indicate that the game may be closer than we think if Blizzard is making major deals for its future. It’s more games for everyone, and that’s good no matter what country you live in.

Source: PR Newswire
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