Nexon Q2 2015 finances strong thanks to MapleStory 2 and mobile


It’s another good quarter for free-to-play developer Nexon. The company posted its Q2 2015 financial report today, and while profits are slightly down from Q1, they’re still up 16% from the same time last year. During the quarter, Nexon brought in 42.7 billion yen (about $343.1M).

[AL:MS2]A fourth of that revenue was thanks to Nexon’s mobile titles, which the company says have been doing exceptionally well. “We are also pleased with the momentum we saw in mobile, particularly in native mobile games, which doubled in revenues year-over-year,” CEO Owen Mahoney said.

Nexon also credited titles such as Dungeon & Fighter, MapleStory 2, and DomiNations as contributing to the quarter’s success. It also helped that operating expenses and taxes were lower than expected for the period.

Source: Nexon press release
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