LOTRO players host Friendship France gathering this weekend to show solidarity after attacks


Communities around the globe are still coping with the aftermath of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, and in MMOs, it’s no different. Similar to how players in several games¬†held vigils after the incident, Lord of the Rings Online’s¬†community is preparing for a “Friendship France” gathering on the Sirannon [FR] server this Sunday.

According to event organizers, the gathering will take place on the Prancing Pony stage in Bree: “We show our friendship to the French community of LOTRO after the attacks on Paris which happened on Friday, November 13th. Notenzauber will open the event with a 30-minute concert, and after that it’s an open stage event.”

Players are encouraged to dye their outfits the colors of the French flag, and English-speaking players can /joinchannel Friendship to talk amongst themselves.

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