Red 5 says all Firefall devs have now been paid, rebuts rumors of doom


In an email to Massively OP this afternoon, Red 5 has issued a formal statement regarding allegations that its financial situation had led to a failure to meet payroll for Firefall developers last week.

Red 5 Studios, Inc has paid all employees in full. Recent rumors of Red 5 Studios’ financial situation are not accurate.

Firefall is currently operating a limited-account beta test in China. Red 5 studios is encouraged with peak 2nd day retention reaching 84% and working on optimization and content updates for both US/EU and China clients. The upcoming content is now being tested internally and scheduled to be updated to the Firefall US/EU servers in Q1 2016.

Red 5 Studios continues to develop content for Firefall and is planning to have synchronized global updates after the US/EU update. In the first half of 2016, Firefall will have a major content update in China in preparation for the Chinese Open Beta test. Red 5 Studios is committed to provide a high quality interactive experience to gamers all over the world. For more information, please visit

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