Rumor: Red 5 plans to pay Firefall staff today, but concerns linger


Last weekend’s rumors of a Firefall developer pay snafu were strengthened by a Reddit-vetted anonymous Red 5 employee and other industry voices. Now, it appears that payroll might make it this week. The same anon Red 5 dev told Reddit about an all-staff company meeting:

So we will be paid via direct deposit on the 30th. That’s been promised.
They started the meeting by claiming that they’ll be taking legal action against anyone that posted the “we have no money” email on social media. Nice to know they have money for that.
They also stated that they might switch to monthly paychecks, so we don’t know when the next paycheck actually is.
They said a bunch of crap about how we all need to pull together as a team and make the relaunch a big success! And that’s going to also determine the future of the company.
Being in the office today is unbearable. I can’t stand it.

The claim appears to support earlier reports that the meeting “confirmed that due to potential investments falling through, the company could not pay employees on time.” So far as we are aware, there have been no additional layoffs, and the relaunch is seemingly going forward.

Massively OP spoke to a representative at Red 5 on Monday, but there is still no official statement about the payroll issues.

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