Ultima Online is looking for fresh staff to run live events

This. They're this.

Ever wanted to try your hand at writing content for a production MMO on the fly? Appreciate old games that still maintain staff to create real live events for MMO players? How about be paid to be a really solid roleplayer and community rep? Ultima Online might interest you if so. The venerable 18-year-old game is on the hunt for new Event Moderators — what we called back in my day EGMs, or Event Game Masters.

“We have 6 openings on the EM team, three (3) on Japanese shards and three (3) on US shards. If you would like to apply for an Event Moderator position please send an email to [Mesanna at Broadsword] with a write up of an event you would like to run, including what type of reward you feel is correct for the event. I will need you to give your account names and what shards you play on. Please understand you can not EM on a shard you play.”

As a bonus, you’ll participate with the knowledge that obsessed event item collectors will spend cold hard cash to travel to the shard where you work and beg for free stuff, often ruining your efforts. Hooray!

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