Overwatch racks up 7M players, bans 1500 of them


It’s been a little over a week since Overwatch launched, and in that short time Blizzard’s new team shooter has become a bonafide success in the market.

As of yesterday, Overwatch passed its seven millionth player, which represents a lot of revenue for the buy-to-play game. Need some more big numbers before you’ll be impressed? To date, Overwatch players have collectively clocked 119 million hours in the live game and swapped heroes 326 million times.

A small handful of those players won’t be seen in the game any more, however. Over 1,500 Chinese accounts have been permanently banned due to cheating. This is the first wave of bans, with Blizzard obviously sending a message to any players out there who might consider using a hack to gain a competitive advantage.

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Source: Business Wire, Daily Dot. Thanks Khalith and Pepperzine for the tip!
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