Long-running vampire MMO Dark Eden looks for Steam Greenlight approval


While it might seem that Steam exists to promote and sell the newest games on the market, on occasion old classics pop up looking to get in on the action.

This week’s “oh my goodness, I remember that!” entry is for Dark Eden, an extremely long-running MMO that had its start back in 1997. Dark Eden is a vampire-themed isometric Diablo clone that’s been operating in one form or another for the better part of two decades. Now it’s looking to get greenlit on Steam, so if you feel strongly that it should be represented on that platform, get over there and vote.

You don’t have to wait for Steam to add Dark Eden to play it, of course; the game is currently available through Kocca’s Game & Game portal. Last year we heard word that a sequel, Dark Eden 2, is in the works as well.

Source: Steam via Reddit