Overwatch tweet teases a new addition to the roster

Core, whatever.

One of the central elements of Overwatch is the fact that it’s built around the careful, balanced interplay between its 21 characters. Naturally, players want to know when the 22nd character will be added. A new tweet on the game’s official Twitter account has dropped some hints about exactly that by posting the schematics to a biotic rifle, complete with notes and feedback from Torbjorn and Dr. Ziegler (better known to players as Mercy):

The suspicion going around has been that the game’s next character will be named Sombra, and this certainly hints at a weapon for the (appropriately) shadowy figure. The Brazilian version of the above picture also includes A. Amari as a recipient of the rifle design, which suggests that Ana Amari, Pharah’s mother, may well be the intended wielder of the rifle and may herself be the heretofore unseen Sombra. Nothing is set in stone yet, of course, but it’s certainly enough of a hint for players to speculate about.

Source: Twitter via Polygon
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