Star Trek Online confuses community with ship giveaway

Who would have thought that the Ferengi could stir up such unrest in Star Trek?

Controversy has arisen after some Star Trek Online players have reported receiving a free gold-plated tier 6 Ferengi ship from Cryptic in emails as a sign of “outstanding support” for the game. The problem is, nobody seems to know what players needed to do to qualify for the ship, although the popular theories are that it’s being sent out to lifetime subscribers or to those who have spent a large amount of money (over $1,000) in the past year.

The description of the ship hints at this ship being a special nod to particular customers: “As a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support of Star Trek Online, we have included an incredibly limited, account-bound code for a Tier 6 Ferengi Nagus Marauder ship. This ship is plated in a dazzling gold color, and is sure to stand out on your missions throughout the final frontier.”

We’ve reached out to PWE for more information about the ship and will update when we know more.

Source: Reddit, official forums. Thanks to Anon for the tip!
Update: A representative for PWE issued the following statement to Massively OP in regard to these ships: “The gold-plated T6 Ferengi ship was sent out to a select group of players as part of an e-mail specific promotion. Unfortunately we aren’t able to reveal any additional information, as it goes against our policy to protect the privacy of our community members.”
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