Dungeon Fighter Online welcomes the Demonic Lancer


What’s cooler than a Demon Hunter? How about a Demonic Lancer?

The newest class in Dungeon Fighter Online also boasts the longest reach out of any melee class, thanks to its massive lance. Demonic Lancers were trained in gladiator pits and live a tortured existence thanks to their sinister weapons: “The Demonic Lancers suffered greatly as every victory against their own meant absorbing the power of the demonic lance of the fallen into themselves.”

Dungeon Fighter Online is hosting a leveling event to encourage players to give the new class a try. The game also is giving away a free random pet to anyone who logs in between August 27th and 28th, so make sure to put that down on your calendar.

Get a story preview of the Demonic Lancer in a short animated video after the break.

Source: Demonic Lancer, Blitz Gift. ThanksĀ Colton!
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