Blizzard cracks down on Overwatch aimbot cheaters


OK, cheaters, listen up. You’re jerks, you’re ruining the game for everyone, you’re wasting developer time, which means you’re wasting everyone’s money, you’re not as slick as you think you are, and eventually, you’re gonna get caught, which means you’re wasting your own money.

I’d like to think these are the lessons learned by the latest round of Overwatch cheaters to whom Blizzard has issued ban slips, but alas.

A forum thread baiting hackers with “OH YES FEED ME THOSE SALTY TEARS” (a sentiment I suspect our readers will share) tells the whole story: Blizzard has clearly been cracking down on specific hacks that advertised themselves as undetactable, including the Overjoint and Highnoon aimbots. As Kotaku pointed out, some of the banned hackers as threatening to sue, which is pretty cute.

Here’s Blizzard’s press statement:

“We take cheating very seriously. ‘Play nice; play fair’ is one of our core values, and cheating undermines the spirit of fair play that all of our games are based on. Though we can’t get into the specifics on these bans, we are constantly working to improve our anti-cheating and anti-hacking measures to make sure Overwatch continues to provide a fun and fair multiplayer experience for our players. We continually monitor Overwatch for exploitative behavior, as well as take action as needed to preserve the integrity of game, and yesterday’s bans were a part of that ongoing process.”


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