Snail Games explains the origins of Ark Park


Saying that the team is “completely obsessed” with virtual reality, Snail Games wrote a short manifesto explaining the origin and purpose of Ark Park.

This spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved came out of the developers’ fascination with VR and their determination to be involved in the growing technology. However, they realized that they couldn’t port the sandbox to VR, as the tech “is not ready for rapid movement and heart-racing action just yet.”

Instead, the concept was developed to create a virtual museum of sorts that would allow players to stroll among the dinosaurs that often take ARK’s headlines.

“The idea of tying the VR theme park together with ARK’s incredible ecosystem just seemed natural,” the team wrote. “After all, who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to observe and interact with dinosaurs face-to-face?”

Source: Ark Park