Skyforge is overhauling its LFG tools

Skyforge is rolling out a new update this very week: on Thursday, March 9th, in fact. “Stand United” is a bit of a quality-of-life update to be sure, especially for players annoyed with the existing queue system and invasion drops.

“Ever notice how there are 3-4 new short messages every second in the chat, such as gx+, of4, farm quartz?” asks. “Despite the presence of the Group Finder option, optimum group search currently looks like this. However, sending 5 messages per minute to the chat in the hope that the right person notices you is not exactly convenient for anyone involved in the LFG process. Nevertheless, many players definitely prefer this way of selecting a group as it has several advantages compared to selecting a group from cards.”

So instead of letting that mess continue on, is revamping the grouping queues — it looks pretty similar to World of Warcraft’s finder or any similar tool, with roles at the forefront and a focus on replacements that match the right roles. It’s worth a look if grouping has been a frustration for you in the sci-fantasy game!

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