Echo of Soul celebrates its second anniversary with a pop quiz

Happy hemisphere birthday to Echo of Soul, which is marking the second anniversary of its NA and EU launch this month. And what better way to celebrate it than with fireworks a pop quiz. Wait, did we get that right?

Yes we did. Echo of Soul is testing players’ knowledge of the game and its updates over the past two years as part of its anniversary event. Get the questions right, and you’ll earn special currency that can be spent on all sorts of neat rewards. There’s also a quizmaster who shows up every two hours, challenging players to stand on “yes” or “no” tiles to answer various riddles.

This week’s update also included an expansion to the game’s infinite dungeon, added more rewards to Doomspire Keep, and unloaded new options in the cash shop.

Source: Echo of Soul
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Is one of the quiz questions, “What word should be inserted into the title of our game in order for it to make grammatical sense?”