Mark Kern will share Em-8ER’s design vision – for a price


Em-8ER, Mark Kern’s attempt at subverting game naming conventions (and also something about giant mechs), is launching its next limited fundraiser on Monday to finance the development of a few more features for the pre-pre-alpha version. The goals include the funding of the creation of a weapon system, more interactive frames, the first little slice of actual gameplay (on an ice field) and both male and female character pilots.

To give fans incentive to part with their money, Kern has posted a batch of perks that will be familiar to anyone who has seen a crowdfunding tier reward system. Some of these perks include a PDF of the game’s newly created vision book, 3-D printer toys, forum tags, mech skins, and name reservations.

Source: Em-8ER
Update: The Indiegogo campaign is now live and is already a third of the way to its funding goal.
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