Drakensang Online starts class rebalance and frees up player inventory

German fantasy MMO Drakensang Online pleased its fans with a quality-of-life update yesterday that helped to free up a bit of player inventory while revising some key systems.

Release 194 created a new currency bag that will take on those tokens and other inventory-hogging barter items, freeing up space for players who are eternally starved for it. The New Moon event, which offers a special reward track when the moon phase in the real world reaches a certain point, saw some gear and quest adjustments.

The patch also started a process of class rebalancing, including this key change: “The amount of experience points a player gains when fighting against monsters is now based on the character level and not on the monster level. With this change, it won’t be possible anymore to not gain experience points when fighting monsters with higher levels.”

Source: Patch notes

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Jay Power

I this the most well made and efficient mmo ever developed? Some say it’s the BMW of MMOs.


I enjoyed this one a few years ago… for exactly 5 days, then I hit the paywall. But it was pretty well made, interesting classes and combat and good graphics quality – Cannot say how it is now. If f2p(p2w) grind your gears, this one will make you annoyed as hell :D