Absolver shows off its grouping options in a new video

We're friends, right?

It should come as no real surprise that Absolver is not a private journey (otherwise we wouldn’t really cover it here), and thus there are different ways to team up with other players and take on the dangers to be found in the game world. A new video just below details the ways in which players can work together, starting by just teaming up in a group of up to three players to punch, kick, and otherwise brawl across the landscape. It’s an old style of group gameplay, but why mess with something that already works?

Experienced players can also mentor less-experienced players and give these lower-level characters access to combos that might otherwise be locked off, so you can play the part of the wizened master if you so desire. Last but not least, you can always take on other players in structured competitive PvP, even if the game is only starting with one-on-one best-of-five sparring matches. Check out everything in the video just below.

Source: YouTube via PC Gamer

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I don’t gt the whole mask thing. Do you have to wear them until you reach absolution? Or is there some lore related issue? It seems weird.

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Paragon Lost

I think this games very much still in development? If so, maybe the masked/vague looking faces are just placeholders for the time being?

Ket Viliano

Not a placeholder, it is part of the lore, but mostly it just saves a lot of time on modeling, and cuts a lot of polygons out of the frames per second budget. They are a small studio in France, so you can expect them to be bit artsy and lower budget.

I have been watching this one from afar since it was first featured here on MoP, and I think they have some potential to expand on the range of available game play.

flamethekid .

its lore
in the new world order you are basically a faceless pawn in training getting sent into the world to fight other prospects and become the best to become an elite guardian of the new world order