Wurm Online forces player gods to move on, changes transfer rules

Calm. Cool. Relaxed.

One of the more interesting features of Wurm Online is the ability for players to ascend the mortal realm and become demigods in their own right who can dole out missions and influence the game world. The designers of the game feel that this ascension should come with a physical removal from the world itself, which is why demigods are going to be removed from Valrei to hang out in heaven from now on.

This is but one of a handful of significant announcements that the team dropped last Friday. Another concerns the transfer of characters from the Freedom shard to Epic. Players traveling this way can now retain their characters’ skills in a one-way deal. As of right now, it won’t work the same going back, so players are cautioned to think carefully before making the switch.

Other changes coming to Wurm Online affect the meditation, sleep, and highway rules systems. If you’ve never sampled this unique MMO sandbox, you can pick up a copy of Wurm Unlimited right now for only $1.

Source: Wurm Online

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Picked it up. Really in-depth game. Having fun with guildmates.


Isn’t the $1 version for Wurm Unlimited, the local/host yourself version? You can’t connect with this to the Wurm Online servers. But you can play on the Wurm Online servers for free with skill and sleep restrictions.


Yes and no.

I picked it up the other day. You can run a local server yourself and play the world solo. Or, you can run a server yourself and let others play in it. Or, you can connect to servers hosted by other players and play in them.

I don’t think you can play in the official Wurm servers, because those require a subscription after you get your skills to 20 in order to progress further (or have access to other features.)

Melissa McDonald

Aw, c’mon. Any decent mythology would have them mating with humans and creating heroes, mighty heroes. :)

Robert Mann

I… can see a lot of potential issues with that, aside from just hordes of mighty heroes with nothing to do. Hopefully not to the point of ESRB changes in rating.

David Goodman

Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold a swan erection?

I mean… moving on, wrong forum.