Secret World Legends is changing how you use and upgrade talismans

Tired of building up multiple gear sets in Secret World Legends? The winds of change will be whipping through soon. Friday’s dev stream introduced some new features and changes related to using and upgrading talismans. A big departure from the current system is the new anima allocation feature. Talismans will have a power score, and starting at level 20 players can choose where on the spectrum of DPS/defense/healing they want to be and the power will be doled out to those stats proportionally. This can be changed anytime except during combat.

Other talisman changes include special weapon belts dropping as loot (as caches do), previously upgraded gear fed into another piece will transfer 40% of that XP into the new item, and the cost for signet removal is being reduced.

On top of that, the update will include new anima leaps to the hubs and the Museum of the Occult, an equal-footing fight club in Seoul, an item that allows you to call summon a vendor to you to sell items or buy potions, and the much-desired build manager. You can get even more details by watching the embedded stream below.

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