Discord whips up a looking-for-group tool


Discord is a proven hit in the gaming community, bringing together players from guilds and games to talk about their hobby. With a recent change, the distance between talking about a game and playing it is closer than ever before.

The social communication platform added a new feature called Rich Presence that facilitates integration of games — both single- and multiplayer — with Discord. With this tool, gaming studios can add features that allow players to more visibly show off the games that they’re playing, spectate on friends’ sessions, form adventuring parties, and then take those parties right into the game world itself.

“Every day millions of gamers start their session on Discord and then jump into a game,” the company posted. “By hooking up the Join API, players can send party invites directly in Discord which will launch your game client. No more fussing around with friend codes and adding each other on other services.”

Source: Discord via Polygon

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Remember the time when Google were the good guys? – I cannot help but wonder, when this deal is gonna turn sour…

Roger Edwards

I dig Discord, so if the devs want to improve it, then that’s fine with me.


Cool. I find Discord more and more indispensable as time goes by.

And while it still is a matter of preference, man… Discord sure kicked the crap out of Vent, TS, etc etc, didn’t it? Wow. Lol.


Discord is pretty great all around for a variety of tasks. The combination of a persistent chat with voice options at the right price has been huge for it’s success.

In BDO we use various Discords for everything community related. There’s Boss Discords to announce what bosses are up on each channel and what ones are still alive. The new Golden Bell item that gives an XP Boost to a channel added last patch already has a Discord that people can report Bell being activated on so we can track those sweet XP boosts. All crowd sourced info, no API hooks or anything.

Might even pick up one of them $5 subs or whatever they got at this rate.

Dug From The Earth


Although, its not really a Looking-For Group Tool. Its more of a “See what other people are playing” tool, which Discord already did via a bit more hassle.

Ill look forward to the day when I can click “Find me people playing Battlefield 1”, and options that allow me to flag myself as LFM when im actually playing BF1.

That would be a godsend for playing Destiny 2 on the PC.