Earth Eternal’s player-run emulator just patched in tons of new stuff

Scroll back in your brain a decade to 2007, when Sparkplay announced it was building an MMORPG called Earth Eternal, a free-to-play, microtransaction-based MMO (yes, that early) notable for its purely anthropomorphic races, PvP, and clan-centric gameplay, which actually had a solid if small following and earned plenty of praise. Following an open beta in 2009, Sparkplay went bankrupt and sold the game to Japanese company Sankando, which operated a beta version with spotty uptime in 2011 and apparently closed down at the end of that year.

Since then, fans have put together several other emulators and communities that I can find, the most recent of which is Earth Eternal: The Anubian War. In fact, the srver apparently came online last year and has been steadily updating since. Most recently – this past weekend – the player team updated with the Valkal’s Shadow patch and infrastructure tweaks to boot. The update boasts a new region, new quests, new dungeons, a new town, a new storyline, a new book system, near gear, and on and on. Not too shabby!

Source: Anubian War, Wikipedia. Cheers, Johnathan!
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Joseph Meyer

I remember playing this game in early beta and following its development only to be sorry when they closed its doors years ago. I will have to give this try to see if the flame to play rekindles.

Thanks for the coverage!

Jeremiah Ratican

I’m pretty sure I remember playing this as a frog guy! I really liked it until it disappeared.

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Jack Pipsam

Wait WHAT?! How do I not know about this!?! I loved this game in the cruelly short time it was in beta.
Heck it was one of the first YouTube videos I ever made using a voice recording of myself with FRAPS. I remember it because I think I was 14? Maybe 13, I think 14. I attempted to use software to make my voice sound deeper because I thought I sounded like a terrible little squeaky rat which nobody could ever take seriously (something which never improved with age). Sadly that video is gone, wish I had unlisted instead of deleted, that would have been a terrifying thing to post if I still had it.

Still, even though it was a washed down WoW clone for furries, I really-really dug the style. Not many furry games and the setting was great. The gist is that it’s Earth, but humans are long gone and the animals evolved and moved into the old relics of our world. Kinda ripped off the Sonic comics, but still neat.

It was heartbreaking what happened to the devs, I wish this lot the best of luck and I will be giving it a shot soon.

Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander

Exactly how I felt. HOW DID I NOT KNOW!? I just found out yesterday, but it definitely made my weekend. This game is so good.