PUBG makes Aussie players geocache for lootcrates this weekend

Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

Dammit Australia. As if buying lockboxes in video games isn’t bad enough, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds means to make you chase them in real life.

Apparently, Xbox Australia is doing real-life supply drops in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne this weekend. The “dropped” crates have tons of loot – genuinely good loot, from the sound of it, including Xbox One Xes, controllers, codes, and PUBG loot and codes too. You basically need to hang out on Facebook to puzzle out the clues that’ll guide you to the drops and hopefully get you there first with the password so you can collect your shinies.

It’s basically high-stakes geocaching, but we’re betting that nobody playing has any idea what that is. Then again, you don’t technically need to care about PUBG to participate, now do you? The hoopla kicks off on Saturday, so if you’re down under, check out Facebook for the event deets.

Source: Facebook via IGN
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I hope there’s aren’t any gankers camping the loot drops.

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loot crate gank.jpg

HA! Excellent


That’s kind of cool, have done a little geocaching here and there while mountain biking and would definitely go after some loot if it were being done in my area.