Otherland overhauls the Lambda Mall and more


One of Otherland’s most iconic locations just got a massive overhaul in this week’s Patch 5.6.63, kicking off the first update for the game in 2018.

This large patch reworked three areas of the game: the Lambda Mall, Bad Sector, and Lantern District. This was done “to increase the overall enjoyability of these zones.” When players log in, they will enjoy a massive visual overhaul of the areas, numerous quest and script improvements, and “major improvements” to the framerate and performance.

Reworking underperforming game elements is a current focus for the team, as the members are also working on a complete rebuild and redesign of the title’s currently poor user interface.

Source: Otherland

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I played this game a bit. It felt… nothing at all like the novels’ universe. I’m not sure what’s going on there.


There is hope…

Jeremiah Ratican

I am hopeful for this game, I love the setting and played it a bit and while it needs some work I would love to see a game with such a unique setting stay active.


It’s always a little sad when a game gets no comments at all. I think even hate is better then nothing.