Wurm Online adjusts overkilling and affinity mechanics for PvP


Life, death, and player killing is an ever-present reality of Wurm Online, but it needn’t be too burdensome. In the latest build of the game, the team is adjusting how two core mechanics work in relation to PvP that should keep things from getting too out of hand.

The first of these mechanics is overkilling, which prevents a player from gaining any more skills or bonuses after trouncing a particular foe three times in a row. After that third kill, overkilling kicks in for the next six hours — which is up from three previously.

Then there’s this new thing called skill affinity. Every so often, a player has a chance while using a skill to gain an affinity for that skill. These affinities can be stolen (somehow) during PvP, although all players have a minimum of one affinity that will always be kept safe and sound.


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“After that third kill, over killing kicks in for the next six hours — which is up from three previously.”
That is a sad joke.

Pi Er

Wurm Online is such an amazing game. So many features, so much depth… and so much grind too…

A righful UO successor IMO.

Really glad to see that they are still tweaking rules and updating the game. Those PvP ones look really decent, a good way to counter griefing.

If only it had a better combat system…