Demon’s Souls servers turn off tomorrow

So, bye.

There’s been a trend over the past several years of games that are not MMOs but still have a pretty robust suite of online functions. Demon’s Souls, which is either the first installment in the Dark Souls series or a precursor to same depending on who you ask, is one of the many games with online functionality… until tomorrow, anyhow. The servers for the game are shutting off completely as of tomorrow, thus blocking out all online functionality.

Of course, the game remains playable, since the online components were always optional, but players who still enjoyed summoning helpful or harmful players into the game will be losing something in the process. One of the game’s bosses is also getting changed to no longer use the online functionality to summon aid, which made for a rather unique fight while it was in place. It’s a smaller sunset than that of a fully online game, but it’s a sunset nonetheless.

Source: VG24/7

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Blue Eye Stone, key to the game’s ether
Tendency of the world, withdrawn from its servers
Let a port be granted, so that co-op might be mended
So that co-op might be mended


If you didn’t get a chance to play this, you definitely missed out. This is one of the few experiences in gaming I’ll actually be thankful for when I’m too old to do it anymore.

Still holding out for a DS remaster!

Danny Smith

Its a sad one for me thats for sure. This came out right when the “year of darkness” as its called peaked and difficulty in games reached an all time low and the ‘movie game’ meme was getting pushed hard. I recently got a PS3 for Valkyria Chronicles and picked demon’s up before the game was common knowledge thinking it was just an action rpg based on the box. By the time i dodged the rolling ball on the stairs in Bolearian Palace 1-1 i realised it was the 3D castlevania i always wanted and fell in love with the game.
The Dark Souls games were all fun to differing degrees but always felt bland because it was ‘after the party was over’ as you walk through areas where the interesting stuffs already done with. In Demon’s the apocalypse was happening and nobody was respawning. People were losing their minds and a deep fog was washing over the world summoning in demons and turning twisted humans into them.
It made the bosses in many cases more personal and grounded. No ‘but… perhaps’ breathy fobs reposting 4chan posts as ‘lore discussion’ and all the cringe around that. You just see a character. It has a set in stone past and that makes them feel more like characters while Dark bosses all kind of feel like ‘videogame boss’ and not ‘character in this worlds story.

I’ll miss the online. Especially the Old Monk boss that summons in a player to be your boss for The Tower of Latria but a decade was a good run and it started games back on track as challenges and games of skill and its mark is still being felt today.


R.I.P. Wessel.