Pokemon Go brings back party-hat pikachus, announces bulbasaur for next community day


I have to admit that Pokemon Go‘s really been on a roll lately with the rapidly rolled out events. Despite some bugs during the last community day, the event was pretty enjoyable, much like the first one. We’re seeing more lore being at least acknowledged beyond small easter eggs, even if we’re sadly still swimming in Pikachu hats.

And while POGO is celebrating Pokemon’s 22nd anniversary (“Pokemon Day“) with party-hat Pikachu again, at least it’s bringing three times its normal stardust value, as well as Present, a move we also got on Santa-hat Pikachu at Christmas. At least the new cash shop clothes inspired by the game’s remake are adding some visual differences to the game.

We’ve got more to look forward to next month, though. The game’s next community day is featuring Bulbasaur, the mascot from Pokemon Green, as Japan originally released Blue as a third option post-launch.

Once again, evolving the featured ‘mon will give you a special move that’s not yet been announced, nor has a shiny version been revealed despite the last two events featuring one. The game is giving triple experience points though for catching Pokemon. As community day, like the weather system, is decreasing the candy, stardust, and experience grind, plus datamining suggests that Niantic has been toying with story-based quests. All of that makes me wonder whether these events are intended to prepare players for a level cap increase. After all, we do see these same features in MMOs soon before an expansion.

Moreover, Snapchat has featured a Bulbasaur filter, matching Niantic’s next featured Pokemon. Perhaps it’s a hint that someone is trying to push the location-based game into working with social media more? Just, um, be careful where you’re aiming that little dino.


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