Heroes of the Storm is testing balance changes for Sonya and Medivh

Sure, why not, as much sense as anything else.

The next patch for Heroes of the Storm is arriving on March 6th, but you can test the patch on the test server until March 5th. (At which point you can “test” it by just playing the game.) So what’s contained therein? Balance changes! Specifically, changes for Sonya and Medivh, neither of whom is in a terrible place before the patch but both of whom could use some development love.

Sonya, for example, has a pretty tried-and-true talent path that basically everyone picks, so the goal is to mix things up a bit with improvements to the AoE effect talents for Seismic Slam. Medivh, meanwhile, is a fun hero to play but also a challenging one, so the balance goal is to keep him fun and challenging while making him less frustrating to play against by reducing the uptime on Portals and Force of Will. Check out the full list of changes, or just look at the videos for both of these heroes just below.

Source: Hero changes, test patch notes; thanks to Mike for the tip!


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Right on. Cant wait to see them. I’m always happy to try new changes. With all of the new and varied hero additions, adjusting and sometimes even changing the skills/ playstyles of the older ones is very much needed.

Loyal Patron

Just so we are clear Blizzard – nerfs.

Bruno Brito

These changes are actually good. They’re nerfing Sonya’s defensive capabilities and making her less generic and adding to her brawling potential.

Medivh is getting buffed straight because he now has more potential as a soloqueue pick.

teh evilengineer

the last thing cancer bird needs is buffs

Bruno Brito

He needed a change in playstyle. Medivh is extremely polarizing, he’s only good at the highest ranks of play. There are no average Medivh’s. Either you’re a god, or you’re failing with him. These changes may make him playable at a more forgiving pace, while still rewarding him with skillful play. That’s EXACTLY what he needs, given that his winrate is shitty across the board. So, the FIRST thing “cancer bird” needs is buffs.