Go on a first-person tour of War of Rights’ Civil War battlefields


What would it have been to fight — and perhaps die — on one of the famous Civil War battlefields? The multiplayer War of Rights is trying its hardest to answer that question by throwing players right into the midst of first-person combat that includes long-range and short-range encounters.

In a new video put out by the team, alpha footage has been pieced together to give fans a taste of the experience that this game delivers. It’s easy to see that this isn’t your conventional shooter-type experience, as the rate of fire is very slow (with long, mandatory reloading animations), the aiming unsure, and the gunpowder smoke obscuring line-of-sight.

A careful observer might notice that more than a few “TKs” — team kills — happen in this video. Guess War of Rights has friendly fire turned on, so make sure you only go to battle with trusted companions at your back!

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