Nexon gives its studio subsidiaries leeway to foster creative freedom

This is what it looks like.

Can giant, money-obsessed game corporations have a heart? Well, no, they’re corporations, not people, but they can act in a way from time to time that mimics the warmer side of human emotions.

In the case of Nexon this month, the publisher and studio has decided to grant autonomy to seven of its subsidiary studios in order to cultivate creative freedom and overall product growth. After all, why acquire these outlets if you’re going to try to force them into the same mold as their new parent?

These seven studios now have independence from the main office and are being encouraged to come up with their own work philosophy and even compete with their fellow Nexon acquisitions. The studios granted this freedom are: devCAT (Mabinogi, Vindictus), What! Studio (Durango), Studio One, Thingsoft (Peria Chronicles), Nexon GT (Atlantica Online), Nexon Red, and Boolean Games.

Source: MMO Culture

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It wouldn’t be the most creative thing, but I hope devcat remakes Mabinogi on a more current engine or something. I feel like the game has suffered from just being unable to do “new” things for years



Diego Lindenmeyer

Nexon + Freedom … something isnt right there xD


War is Peace. Freedom is Nexon. Ignorance is Strength.

Sounds doubleplusgood to me. ; )


Guessing they probably don’t actually have freedom over monetization though. Y’know, the thing choking games like Vindictus.