Shroud of the Avatar ruins its armor on purpose and reveals cinematic storyboard


When Shroud of the Avatar said that it is developing worn and rusty armor and weapons to meet player demand for such things, it may sound, well, downright strange. Yet when you think about it, there is an appeal to wearing and sporting gear that has a “lived in” look instead of immacuately perfect and shiny outfits.

As such, worn, rusted, tattered, and dirty armor will start to be dropped with Shoud of the Avatar’s Release 53. The team said that players can either equip these or salvage them for patterns.

Generating dirty laundry for a future patch isn’t all the team is doing these days. Work progresses on new scenes, including the village of Eastmarch (and surrounding areas), the pirate haven of Penmawr Island, and the besieged town of Tenebris Harbor.

Meanwhile, the team has revealed some of the storyboards behind the game’s cinematic. Pretty nifty!


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Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

I got into the trial and quit like 3 times. I just couldn’t get into it. Then I got the itch to play an old school RPG, one where you had to live in the world, work for what you want. No trails leading where you should go, no theme park, explore, find what you want and do it.

This game embodies it. It literally feels like Ultima a bit. A couple things I LOVE and really made me want to buy the game. First is player housing and towns. Towns exist in the world on the map. You can get a house or plot in a player town, or even an NPC town. I think the whole lived in feel with player houses inter mingling with NPC’s is really great.

This is the first game in a Long Long time I felt like I was living my character in a world that I was invested in. I really enjoy the skill based leveling and the open class nature. The graphics are pretty good, but not great. I didn’t like the overmap being on a different view than normal towns and areas, but it is actually kinda neat the way it works out.

At first I was taken aback by not seeing any NPC’s or quests. I was so trained to look for ! or ?’s and NPC names and what they did etc. This game doesnt display any of that .. AT FIRST. You actually have to ask peoples names, what they do, etc.. Just like in real life. You must ask for rumors going about, or if they need any help. I’ve engaged in so much dialog with NPC’s i actually wanted to read because I felt i was speaking and engaging with them.

It reminds me of Skyrim a bit, going around reading books, going into towns and inns and seeing whats happening in the town you just went to. The non combat things to do in this game is pretty amazing and I spend almost as much time NOT in combat than in combat. Thats not a bad thing, at all. I can strap on my instrument and play a well known song for the inn and get cheers, questions, dances, and much jubilation.

I ended up buying the game after the trial because I really wanted to buy from the player merchants, and a bit more bank space. Also I wanted to move further into the path of Love quest line.

Well worth the 40 bucks, many other games release for full price and have less content.


“This is the first game in a Long Long time I felt like I was living my character in a world that I was invested in.”

Nailed it!!!
That’s what it’s all about, that’s what mmorpg’s are supposed to be, not a to-do list you check mark as fast as humanly possible.

“At first I was taken aback by not seeing any NPC’s or quests. I was so trained to look for ! or ?’s and NPC names and what they did etc.”
So true, So true and said so much more eloquently then my basically telling peeps they are conditioned due to brainwashing. But it’s true!

“i actually wanted to read because I felt i was speaking and engaging with them.”
If people only knew how much of a difference this makes for immersion.

One of my most memorable experiences so far was at the graveyard in Soltown when i confronted the grave robber. There was another player there talking to him as well, and i’m kinda delaying for them to finish for what i’m about to do. To myself i’m like “sry”, and i kill the NPC, this person literally jumped back, you could feel the “WTF just happened from them”, it was awesome.


This game is not for everyone; I’d like to say peeps just don’t get it, but that’s not entirely the case it’s more like some people “can’t” get it.

Let’s look at ESO, it’s another typical to do list mmo. I log in I can run a dung pretty much right away (check), or knock off a couple quests (check, check), and level (check). OK flag all this loot as junk, and ok I got a slightly better pair of pants, and spent some skill points. OK I feel good I accomplished something and it only took 20 minutes.

Problem is McDonalds isn’t for everyone.

OK sota… where do I even begin? Which I think pretty much sums it up right there, you are not on a checklist, no schedule, you may not accomplish something tonight even though you played for 4 hours, I might have spent the night going town to town looking for the best price, and best stats for my build, and yea there are so many different stats on everything.

Initially you’re so lost you’ll spend days if not weeks getting the lay of the land, I still have running at all times while playing, you need it, and then again no you don’t, deeper players than me find their own way.

After a decade of instant grat mmo’s, which effectively boiled down to dailies, omfg how exciting!!!

SotA is not easy to get into nor at first understand.

I know I almost passed, I logged out so many times saying I seriously do not have time for this, where is the great big beam of fucking light screaming at me to go over there like a lost child, or massive sparkling orbs of light to tell me where to go cause all I want to do is look at pretty graphics and do what I’m told to do? I have things on my checklist chop chop! You know forget taking 15 to 20 seconds to read about it, like omfg, this game is so lame.

Now that I’ve played sota for a bit, yea you can get into it, in a huge way, if you can shake the brainwashing and conditioning which modern mmo’s have done to you then there is hope. The biggest problem for allot of peeps though, and is 110% not their fault is today’s world, there is so much to do in this busy life style, so some people “can’t” get it. Not many can even fathom the thought of spending hours learning a game. Thing is that initial investment has such an enormous payday.


I suck at trying to write what i want say, glad to know it made sense.

What a great way to tell it like it is though “games that play themselves” that sums it up perfectly, exactly what i was trying to say, lol. They do, it’s so incredible fucked up when you really think about it, yet… well McDonald’s is popular for a reason.

I’ll be sure to visit Resolute soon, thx!

It’s the joy i only want others to experience, that moment when you go “OFC!!!” it clicked cause he said that and in there is this, figured it out! That real satisfaction, that real accomplishment. You know it’s so far from, i capped 50 in a day, wow that is so fucking lame, lol.

I spent most of last Saturday exploring for a new place to live. I was in the Welcome Center for a little while, but started to look at a more strategic place to live, as in location, location, location and OMFG i found the most incredible spot.

If only others knew what that feels like, i was and atm still am the happiest player in the game, the spot is just so amazing, the problem was it was so obscure, one would not think there would be a land available there but thanks to thorough exploring, I majorly lucked out. Like massively huge, literally right out my door everything i need, and the views OMFG.

There is not possibly a better place to live in the game, to me. I read peeps or reviewers stat all the great spots are taken, my ass, you’re obviously way too lazy to look or would have been SOL.

Roger Melly

I am trying it on its “free trial” at the moment , combat aside i quite like some of what it has to offer .But not enough to pay full price for the game , when its on sale however I probably will buy it .


Shroud of the Avatar, a mmorpg i could not be more into.

It’s a real shame some peeps are judging this book by its cover, because they are missing out on one of the greatest novels ever written.

Welcome to the Shroud!

Bruno Brito

It’s that, i’m sure it’s great. Don’t get me wrong.

But i can experience great novels for cheaper prices.

Christopher Pierce

The performance of the game prevents me from enjoying it. There are elements that are genuinely neat, but terrible framerates with poor quality graphics have turned me off this game hard, and I am no graphics snob – currently playing Ultima Online and enjoying myself very much. SOTA actually gives me a headache when I play it.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

I think there may be a good game – and virtual world – in there somewhere, but until Portalarium can optimize it so it runs acceptably on a machine that can run its competitors without issue SotA is going to remain a well-kept secret. I could run it acceptably a year ago but now its unplayable.


The gameplay is very reminiscent of a game from the 90’s, which may have it’s charms for some people, but not me. The game’s performance is also mediocre for a game that is ugly as it is. I was a huge Ultima fan too, so it is not that.


To each their own mate. I feel glad to see that the game has a playerbase because they did a good job delivering and scoping-down their game, targeting their niche audience instead of going the generic way.
But.. No matter the taste of the food, if it looks weird and expired noone’s going to eat it.