Little Orbit on Fallen Earth: ‘There is something special here worth rebuilding’


Could the acquisition of GamersFirst — including APB Reloaded and Fallen Earth — be what actually saves these games? Players of these long-abandoned MMOs are holding onto a fresh hope that Little Orbit is going to actually give these titles support, marketing, and development.

For the first time in literally years there is movement on the Fallen Earth front. New forums under the Little Orbit management have opened up with additional features, security, and discussion areas. But that’s not all! Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott told the Fallen Earth community that he not only personally enjoyed the game but feels that it deserves the publisher’s help in rebuilding it.

“We have a lot to do in the next 30 days,” Scott wrote. “Expect to see GDPR updates for GamersFirst including new privacy policies, code of conduct, and term & conditions. We will also be cleaning up the social pages, implementing a new forum, showcasing a general roadmap and announcing a significant change to our banning and cheating policies. This is all critical for setting up an environment where you can give us feedback. Nothing is going to happen overnight with Fallen Earth. But it’s clear to me that there is something special here worth rebuilding. We need to spend more time mapping out exactly what that looks like.”

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