Sea of Thieves kicks off its recurring events with skeleton thrones

Sea of Thieves kicks off its recurring events with skeleton thrones

Running out of stuff to do in Sea of Thieves? The developers are trying to counter those summer duldrums with recurring in-game events, the first of which is going live today with Patch 1.1.2.

The Skeleton Thrones event will send players scrambling to declare themselves the rulers of the islands: “These thrones require a good sense of discovery to find, and for some an even steadier aim to reach. There are five small thrones and five large thrones, the small requiring just one pirate to sit on, but the larger requiring pirates to be sat on it from more than one crew. Look high, look low, and look within…”

The patch also made a lot of changes to the Bilge Rats faction (which ties in to the event), adding a dedicated progression screen, a unique currency, special cosmetics, titles, and a way to trade gold for rep increases.

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Dug From The Earth

“Reoccurring events” What you call it when your game doesnt have enough content to satisfy players on a regular basis.


Yeah, basically. Game is still very bare bones, the Hungering Deep content lasted ~2 hours if you could get a galleon + fifth person together quickly.

These skeleton thrones are just the new temporary distraction that tries to lengthen stuff via forcing people to get that awkward fifth member willing to participate.

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Jesus, Rare really should stop making rare (yeah, I know -_- …) content that requieres more than two people to play. The f*cking sea is empty, you can sail around for hours without seeing someone. The hungering-deep-quest was pure crap because you need 5 guys to finish it – 5 guys who know how to fulfill that quest. Guess how long we camped at the last spot of the quest waiting for others to join. And guess wether we finished the quest. It’s beyond stupidity to drive away the few players this game has with their bullshit forced larger-group-play-content.


Yeah I made the mistake myself of trying to do the Megalodon near the end of the event period. Took like 4 hours but we finally found a fifth dude willing to help us summon the thing. The actual encounter was enjoyable but good god was the period between getting the bits for it and actually summoning the thing a pain in the rear.

It’s like Rare has this naive intention of making people work together and the only way they can do it is by trying to force objectives that make people cooperate… but if it’s a one-time reward then there’s no point in farming it and people can/will camp areas to mess with folks.

Rare seems to try and have these good intentions or whatever but they’re so stupidly ignorant of how people behave in an online game where open PvP has 0 consequences. It’s like they’re trying to make people work together in a game that is not designed around it whatsoever, and they refuse to add any sort of structure to make actual grouping easier…

It’s like they’re forcing organic social interactions to happen and they just expect people to behave in a civilized fashion, lol.