Blossom and Decay offers emergent narrative in an anything-goes sandbox


In the market for a full-loot, retro-themed MMO sandbox? Your specific tastes may be satiated by Blossom and Decay, an up-and-coming MMOARPG that will offer crossplay between PC and mobile platforms.

The team is designing the game so that players, not developers, provide the core content: “Instead of scripted quest-lines in the game, players fashion their own narratives through a wide set of social mechanics and external PvE pressure. The world’s story is constantly molded by its citizens. […] Everything is created and arranged by the players wherever they choose, from buildings and roads to respawn-points, quests, goods, trade and the laws of the land. Players will toil to imprint their history in this virgin world.”

In one interesting twist, the game allows for automated offline play in which a person’s character will continue to execute activities by itself.

Currently, Blossom and Decay is enjoying some additional promotion from Square-Enix Collective. The team is lobbying fans to vote for the title to gain support going forward.


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Offline playing is a feature i wish to see more, i was so impressed by the idea in Age of Wushu, to see players around doing all kind of things, the world feels alive, and they are every where, not only in the cities.

As for “anything-goes sandbox” .. i have nothing but one long sigh, cheers for 2D game.


Sorry for the (very) late reply. Maybe some more explanation around full-loot and re-spawning mechanics help here.

Players and clans can create re-spawners (tents -> beds -> shrines) that revive you where they are and even without gear-drop when you are in range. Villages can build fortifications and can use shields that work similar to EVEs reinforcement timers. Also the AI is not fighting that bad, especially when you raised it’s tick-rate with good food. The criminal system sets people on hostile lists as soon as they do shady stuff towards clan members, and alliances can also exchange criminal-lists. The power curve in PvP is relatively flat (rather giving you more strategic options than more damage), so there is not that 50k damage attack against your lvl 1 char.

So players absolutely have ways to defend themselves against ravaging hordes and griefers, just leaving your safe area can become really scary. The game will try to integrate griefers and PvP focussed players into the game mechanics as other factions.

Protecting new players is a special area that has to be balanced with “zerging potential”, but that we are very aware of.

We started a closed balancing/testing phase recently and while the tone is very friendly by now we will welcome griefer and troll testers when extending the group to further sharpen the required counter-mechanics.


“No, really, our game is finally going to be the one where the players don’t act like a bunch of dicks to each other…honest!”

Robert Mann

Yep. “Clan justice” is no justice. Not only will those who want to see things burn consistently charge in to ruin whatever they can, but very few people tend to sign up for reactionary guard duty.

It just doesn’t work, no matter how many times developers keep trying it.


Why couldn’t it work? It’s a matter of game design/incentives/consequences.