Monster Hunter: World teases Final Fantasy XIV crossover in new trailer as Capcom stocks drop


Capcom has released a new trailer teasing the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV crossover with Monster Hunter: World, which will allow hunters to square off with Final Fantasy’s own Behemoth as a large monster encounter, among other FF-related additions.

In addition to the Behemoth fight itself, the trailer shows off the new armor set that players can (presumably) craft from Behemoth bits, which is an exact copy of FFXIV’s iconic Dragoon artifact armor, complete with the Gae Bolg spear. The spear appears to be part of the Insect Glaive family, thus allowing the would-be Dragoons to perform the class’s signature Jump ability, after a fashion.

Other Final-Fantasy-themed inclusions include Cactuars, which seem to function similarly to MHW’s status-inflicting toads that can be kicked or hit with a slinger to trigger status effects. The Cactuar, when triggered, appear to perform their signature Thousand Needles attack, damaging anything in the vicinity.

The trailer comes in the wake of news that Capcom’s stock dropped 12.9% earlier this week “after a downgrade from Bank of America Merill Lynch,” according to report on Variety. The stock price drop, which saw the share target price fall from ¥2,800 (about $24.91 US, as of this writing) to ¥2,300 (about $20.47), seems to have been triggered by worries brought on by a decline in MHW sales, despite its “record 7.9 million worldwide sales milestone” in May of this year and its being the best- and fastest-selling game in Capcom’s history.

If you’re more concerned with the new game update than the company’s stock prices, though, you can check out the full trailer after the cut.

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