The Daily Grind: What would you do if you could reboot any live MMO?


It’s kind of crazy to me that Final Fantasy XIV is not only still running but is successful, has a thriving population and a third expansion being announced later this year, and managed to do what so many games would love to do with its successful reboot. Sure, some elements of the original game were lost in the transition, but a lot of what people loved was preserved, and a whole lot of new people came into the game as a result. It worked out well.

Of course, part of why it worked was because Square-Enix had plenty of money and basically could tear down and rebuild the game from the ground up. It seemed risky at the time all the same.

So today, let’s play a hypothetical. Let’s say that you can reboot any MMO currently live and operating, from Champions Online to World of Warcraft, and you don’t have to worry about budgets in the process. Which MMO would you pick, and what would you want to do to it?

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Jonny Sage

Fallen Earth
-better graphics
-fix the fundamental FPS engine
-more open world player housing
-EVE style pvp with looting, where you have a safe city, and more lawless as you go out (no need to respond with how much you hate pvp, we get it)

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…. great game, but it’s mechanics are just so damn old.

Jonny Sage


Anthony Clark

I’d bring back Earth and Beyond. Maybe with the EVE graphic engine.

Mr Poolaty

I’d relaunch Albion Online into a full sized mmo not a just a small top down mmo. Throw Albion into a ffxiv setting and I think you’ve got a real chance at becoming a top 5 mmo!!

Bruno Brito

GW2. Make it GW1 with more races, skins, way smaller level cap, bigger focus on exploration, don’t focus on goddamn conquest for pvp, and put some CTF, 5CP, KotH and GvGs for bigger numbers and cool mess, and more animations and CAPES. BRING THE DAMN CAPES BACK.

LIke, pretty much GW1 with GW2 graphics.


Don’t forget the ability to jump and traverse the landscape freely. Getting stopped cold by a small bush in GW1 is very annoying.


I would be torn betwen SWTOR and Rift. I would say Champions Online… but that would be more selfish and based on wanting to see a more specific type of MMO (that isn’t even entirely Superhero related) rather than a desire to see the game be reborn as something that could be better.

Both have, at least in the beginning, really neat and interesting stories that seemed to have become severely sidetracked in a game that has been so severely monetized that it causes issues.

So taking them back to their roots and expanded from there. Rift focusing more on the various primal evil dragons and making them more of the big bads of the various story arcs rather than focus on one villain repeatedly while SWTOR would focus more on the war between the Empire and Republic, potentially pulling a page from Matrix Online and making some plot elements more open to player manipulation.

Then yeah, monetization on both would need major overhauls as the idea of gating vital features of the game (i.e. souls and item slots in Rift and Battlegrounds and Raids in SWTOR) behind a paywall would need to go for sure.

Mostly mechanics will remain the same, especially the Soul System in Rift. Additional changes and polish to some of the more unique and fun ones would be looked into for sure. Also probably an expansion of the casino in SWTOR. Unless I am mistaken, Sabbac still hasn’t been added into that game and that’s a crime worth fixing.


I’d reboot two. Redo GW2’s combat design to make both skill design, targeting, and role design into more traditional MMO combat. It would solve a lot of the game’s problems and make it wildly more popular.

FFXIV needs a reboot as well. Make the world much more open and immersive as opposed to now where it’s so instanced and boring and doesn’t feel alive. Redo combat to feel more like WoW – more varied abilities for each class (less abilities, but more interesting and unique ones in each class and between classes), faster, add specializations to make them different, healers that actually heal, white auto attacks from mobs/bosses and other dangers outside of predictable special attacks, fights that are more interesting and less overly predictable memorized dances.

Revamp PvP to make it more integral and MMO standard. Make patches more interesting and get rid of their copy/paste formula that makes everything the same.

Give more real endgame content for both PvE and PvP instead of the same 2 dungeons and 1 raid every time. Expand that as well as the gearing options.

Remove the need to do story content at all and make content unlocks level based and automatic. Drastically shorten the amount of story and the way it’s told. Less running around talking to NPC’s with boring text and more action and real storytelling. Make stories zone or expansion based so a player doesn’t have to go through the entire thing start to finish and can pick and choose which storylines to quest through without getting lost.

Make the glamour system easier to use like other games. Spend less developer resources on side systems and more on the main game (as in all of my above examples).

It’s a game with so much unrealized potential. It’s safe and boring in it’s best moments and worse in the others.

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EverQuest II
There are just so many character and customization choices, so many playstyle options and layers to the gameplay, a strong story and the best housing system in any mmorpg to date. It just isn’t pretty. Especially the character models, which look like they’ve been shaped from wax and left out in the sun too long (except for the ratonga and frogloks, they still look amazing).


I would reboot Swtor I would eathier wipe the slate clean with an open world sandbox space exploration player housing building in mind from the start or i would totally redo the current game to make it like a real sandbox mmo with no instancing and fully open space exploration. Building bases in the open world where you want them . Possibly some terrain manulipulation. Also ship building would be a big part the only limitation would be your imagination when it came to building your base/home or your star ship.

David Goodman

I think DDO is in need of a reboot; a lot of the new things they’ve put in the game make the original content seem really, painfully outdated. It could use an overhaul honestly, and an update to the core mechanics.

I’ve also heard that the code itself is decades-old spaghetti logic and changing one thing breaks another thing that seems unrelated because of all of the issues with it. I think it’d be as good for developers as it is for the players for all of that mess to get untangled.