Black Desert’s arguably pay-to-win enhancement items enter the game and cash shop today

You might have thought Black Desert would take a little break from its update pace, what with the graphical overhaul it just rolled out, but you’d have been wrong. As promised, Kakao is patching Black Desert today with items it once said would never come westward – Valks’ Cries – with Cron Stones in the cash shop. While Kakao has tweaked the enhancement system such that these enhancement boosting items can be acquired through in-game means, players nevertheless raised “pay-to-win” alarms last week.

Also going live today are multiple events meant to help players acclimate to the new system. Additionally, the Rulupee quests have returned to the game permanently, and players should expect a round of graphics-related to tweaks to last week’s mega update.

Source: Patch notes
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