No Man’s Sky kicks off its first official community event


No Man’s Sky didn’t just expand into persistent multiplayer with its NEXT update but also laid down the foundation for regular community events to keep players entertained. The first of these events has gone live this weekend, taking players on a galactic excavation.

After completing the space anomaly mission, pilots will be directed to a certain planet where they will go underground to root out special objects. Turn these objects in to a companion bot, and they’ll pay out in Quicksilver that can be spent on exotic items. These include a new character customization option, decals, an emote, and base building pieces.

No Man’s Sky promises that the store options for Quicksilver will grow and won’t spread into microtransaction territory.

“Community missions were inspired by live events the community were already running in game,” tweeted Sean Murray. “Excited to see these grow and expand in future. Delighted we are in a place where we can communicate more with players, and update the game more frequently. We’d love to continue like this if it works OK.”

Source: VG247. Thanks Freddyy!
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