GOG.com’s back-to-school sale could net you a few cheap multiplayer games


A little bummed that summer is effectively over and the school season is here once more? GOG.com is here to help you throw one last shindig and offer you some cheap games to play in its Back to School Sale. The site is offering over 500 games on sale at up to 90% off. For multiplayer fans, it might be worth combing through these to find some good deals. Some of the ones we spotted include:

It should also be noted that GOG is doing limited-time flash deals, so check back periodically if you want to see what else might go up for sale.

Source: GOG.com
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Sana Tan

Sadly GOG doesn’t offer the payments methods that I need in my country. You all guys enjoy I’m stuck with Steam for now.

Arsin Halfmoon

Too bad school’s been starting 2 to 3 weeks before labor day for the past 10 or so years lol

Kevin Németh

Just a personal recommendation, when it comes to multiplayer games I had countless hours of fun with Age of Wonders 3 .