Superdata has been bought by Nielsen

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You all remember SuperData, right? We cover a lot of their reports about industry performance and all of that fun stuff, because we obviously think that matters. Turns out that Nielsen also thinks that matters and has bought the company, adding it to their existing longtime stable of tracking television ratings and somehow telling the world that more seasons of The Big Bang Theory would be a good thing.

SuperData’s acquisition is meant to improve Nielsen’s coverage in many areas, especially with tracking e-sports down to the event level. It also means Nielsen now has access to another firm to acquire and sell data on performance, including digital sales. This probably won’t produce much in the way of change for those of us just watching the numbers, of course, but it’s a sign of what a big deal video games are in the current media landscape.

Source: VentureBeat

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But my concern is that the “Nielsens” won’t understand the data they are looking at.

Sally Bowls

I don’t see why the Nielsens are in the business of understanding. They are in the business of gathering the data. They gather that data that, e.g., shows that mobile is growing by 300% a year, esports 600% and MMOs -7%. It is a different business – business/management consultants – who say “you should be investing in X because of Y.” The esports consultants perfer to have independent market research numbers to point to.

Shadex De'Marr

Funny thing the parallel between criticism of Big Bang Theory and the current state of gaming. Nielson just tracks what people watch. (Barring any tinfoil hat Illuminati conspiracies) It only lasted this long because people watched it.

The current gaming landscape is similar in that we complain about the quality of games, cash shops, and kickstarters yet we keep giving all of them money.

I think this genre is right in Nielson’s wheel house. Next I think they should buy the FDA so they can track people complaining about unhealthy food while sitting in a McDonalds drive through.