Lord of the Rings Online’s Harnkegger Games event list announced, music contest registration open

Lord of the Rings Online’s yearly Harnkegger Games are once again upon us, and the player organizers have released the list of this year’s events as well as opened registration for the music event.

The player-run event, which is now on its seventh year, gives players the opportunity to compete in a number of creatively devised events, such as the Spike Jump, the Broken Bone Race, and even a poetry and story contest, to earn fabulous prizes and etch their names in the annals of Harnkegger history.

In addition to the more “athletic” games, the Harnkegger Games also include a music contest, a battle of the bands of sorts in which players use LOTRO’s unique music-composition system to create and perform original songs for a panel of judges (and their adoring fans, of course). This year, 12 performers will be chosen to battle it out in a musical melee. The Harnkegger Games will be held from September 24th to September 30th.

Source: Twitter
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