Dungeons & Dragons Online offers a two-year season pass for $299

There was a time when lifetime subscriptions seemed like they were a bridge too far, but Dungeons & Dragons Online is breaking into new territory...

The latest build of Lord of the Rings Online’s Where Dragons Dwell hits the PTS

The Bullroarer public test server for Lord of the Rings Online has been updated with the latest build of Update 23, Where Dragons Dwell,...

Lord of the Rings Online announces new endgame reward and lootbox system for Update 23

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell will be increasing the game's level cap to 120, and with it, the...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Harnkegger Games event list announced, music contest registration open

Lord of the Rings Online's yearly Harnkegger Games are once again upon us, and the player organizers have released the list of this year's...

EverQuesting: Columbus Nova or not, Daybreak is tying its own noose

How about those Red Sox? Seriously, that's a conversation I'd rather be having than the one that has cropped up this week -- and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 167: Daybreaking news

Justin and Bree host a special edition of the podcast focused entirely on the Daybreak denial and layoff story as it's unfolded.

Daybreak has now been hit with layoffs [Confirmed]

Daybreak has now confirmed the layoffs, and we've got lots more information from our own sources - see below for updates and context. Multiple game...
Hate the player, not the game! It's not the player's fault that they're in the game as it is.

Leaderboard: Does the Daybreak fiasco affect whether you play its MMOs?

Over the last couple of days, we've been covering the Daybreak scandal - specifically, how concerns over the impact of government sanctions on Daybreak's...

Daybreak update: Chief Publishing Officer Laura Naviaux has left the company

Yesterday, Massively OP put together a piece on MMO company Daybreak Games Company and its corporate overlords, chronicling the US government's asset freeze of...

Daybreak says it has ‘no affiliation’ with Columbus Nova, the company it said bought it in 2015

Note: We've updated this piece heavily at the end with Daybreak's statements and further links. A chain of business connections could have a real and...