Dungeons & Dragons Online offers a two-year season pass for $299


There was a time when lifetime subscriptions seemed like they were a bridge too far, but Dungeons & Dragons Online is breaking into new territory with its new season pass. For $299, you do not get a lifetime subscription to the game; you get two years of VIP subscription (which would run you around $360 at the industry-standard $15 per month but only $198 per year if you bought two years of VIP in 12-month increments) along with a variety of other perks for the game’s die-hard fans.

Players with a season pass will get free permanent access to any other VIP features rolled out during the two-year season, even if their subscriptions subsequently lapse. There’s also a free daily roll of the gold dice, a special cosmetic armor set, and a loot box to go along with the whole shebang. These passes go on sale on December 7th and will be limited to 1,000 players; if you’ve got the money to burn and feel confident dropping the money well in advance, you’ll want to be ready and waiting early.

Source: Official Site; thanks to DDOCentral for the tip and TJ for the clarification!
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