World of Warcraft previews Tides of Vengeance’s Battle of Darkshore warfront and new Faction Assaults


World of Warcraft’s major update Tides of Vengeance is less than a week away, and Blizzard is continuing to roll out the previews of what players can expect when it goes live. Today, the spotlight is on the new Battle for Darkshore warfront and the new(ish) Faction Assault feature.

Battle for Darkshore should be largely familiar to anyone who has taken part in the Battle for Stromgarde warfront, as it’ll operate in almost exactly the same way, except in a different zone and with different enemies and world quests, but the new warfront will also bring with it a few changes to the way warfronts work in general. The contribution phase of warfronts will no longer provide 11 different quests; instead, there will be only three — one to turn in gold or War Resources and two profession turn-in quests.

Faction Assaults should be somewhat familiar as well, as they function similarly to the Assaults from the Legion expansion. The difference now, however, is that players will be tasked with different quests depending on whether they’re attacking or defending. Otherwise, however, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of difference in the way things work: Players will be able to see active Faction Assaults on their maps, and by going to the appropriate zone, they can “take part in a variety of quest types, including taking out elite targets, mowing down enemies with powerful magic and siege weapons, taking down the enemy ship, participating in covert assassinations, or embarking on shared quests that bring the two opposing factions in close proximity to each other,” the latter of which will provide plenty of PvP opportunities for players who have war mode activated.

The rewards for participating in Faction Assaults will include bonus reputation, war resources, and new gear from item level 325 to 370. In addition, completing any Faction Assault will reward players with a one-hour experience buff, providing a bit of a boost to players trying to level alts. For the full details on the upcoming warfront and Faction Assaults, you can check out the official previews on World of Warcraft’s site.

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